The hottest colours of nail polishes for summer 2017

Well-kept fingernails are the same for a beautiful woman like thick hair, smooth complexion or stunning makeup. Until recently, the manicure was treated rather indulgently, it was enough to have it done neatly. Now beautifully styled nails can complete even the simplest look with jeans and white t-shirt.

So it is time for changes! End with delicate, pastel colours, which usually reigned in the spring-summer season. Summer 2017 will be in red, orange and pink shades. The icing on the cake will be golden and holographic nail varnishes, which have so far been associated mainly with autumn and winter.

Fashionable nail polish colours for the summer of 2017

The all admirers of classics will be delighted, because among the hottest colours of nail polishes for the summer of 2017 appeared the timeless red. Pink colour also deserves some attention, but this time it must have shiny grains. The more the better!

This, for example, is a lot lot LOT more elegant.:

For those who love pastels I have a bit of a consolation. The bright star of the upcoming season is peach and a bit darker coral colour. At the first moment, you get the impression that it is the same colour, but not it is not. At first, I couldn’t see much difference but now I can distinguish them. Just pick the shade that is somehow similar and it will be fine.

A fresh coat of nail polish adds a pop of color to your hands, but you don’t want to leave it on for too long. In addition to unsightly chips, an old coat of polish can cause discoloration or yellowing and weakening of your nails.:

My favourite one is gold, of course. This colour is associated with the autumn-winter season, but from now we also wear it in the summer. Metallic nails shine beautifully in the sun and are a perfect complement to any style.

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We also place big hopes in holographic lacquers, which under the influence of light (natural or artificial) shine in many colors. I associate this colour with fairy tales. Painted nails this way can successfully replace the jewellery.

Holographic Nails- The Newest Manicure To Make A Splash:

Do you like orange nail polish? This season will change your mind. The explosive blend of juicy oranges and grapefruit is gaining in popularity. I am tempted!

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Fashionable nail patterns – what to choose?

This season is dominated by geometric patterns – triangles, stripes and dots. For the past two years, one of the hottest trends has been ombre nails, which, despite appearances, are not that difficult to do. If you have no inborn manual skills or simply the patience to create fancy designs on your nails – stick to the stickers. Thanks to them you will get an unique manicure in 10 minutes!

The manicure trends change so fast that sometimes it is hard to keep up with them.

So, to sum up, fashionable nails for 2017 are short (or almond shaped) and neat. And colour? First of all, red, pink and orange. Right next to intense shades there is gold and silver – depending on the mood. If you love to shine, you can add three-dimensional stickers, sequins and jets to your standard glitter nails.

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