Drop Dead Gorgeous Evening Gowns

It doesn’t happen very often unless you happen to be a celebrity, (in which case you’ll be getting your dress for free!), but every once in a while we will all find ourselves invited to or attending a swanky evening do that requires full evening dress. This is one of those perfect opportunities to really glam yourself up and to show off just how great you can look with a fantastic dress, stunning jewellery and of course some incredible shoes. One of the great things about an evening dress is that it tends to be less susceptible to the whims of the fashion world, and even though you may only wear it once or twice, you can be sure that it will always look great. Whatever your size or shape, there is a drop dead gorgeous evening gown out there for you, so check out some of these lovely picks right here for a bit of inspiration. Continue reading “Drop Dead Gorgeous Evening Gowns”

Trend Alert – Bardot Tops

Last season and even present in many of the collections this season cold shoulder tops were the big news and one of the trendiest things that you could be sporting in the fashion world. But this season fashion has gone one step further with the Bardot top which are absolutely everywhere this season from the catwalk with their haute couture to our favourite bargain high street shops. This is one huge spring and summer trend of this year so you should be definitely jumping on board. Continue reading “Trend Alert – Bardot Tops”